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"Within a few weeks, I had a sales job that I was told needed three years of experience and I only had one."


"Sometimes, in life we encounter individuals who can change the course of our lives for the better, for me that individual was John. I met him when I was at quite a transitory period in my life, contemplating what my next career move should be, and upon chatting with him I had my answer. I wanted to get a job in sales... in London, England. Quite ambitious for someone with ZERO experience."

"The hiring manager and regional manager both complimented me on my interview skills and the way I carried myself throughout the process."


"I was able to make a massive career change that opened many doors for me and allowed me to spring board forward from an inside sales rep to a field role in a record amount of time

"Deciding to work with John was the best decision I made during my recruitment process as my consultant essentially coached me through the whole process. He helped make my resume sales ready, taught me how to land more interviews, and gave me great insight on specific interview questions. He was also able to provide me with industry information that I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere else. I would certainly work with them again.” 

"Not only did John look over and revise my CV, he helped me create a viable LinkedIn page, and gave me first-hand industry-specific insight and advice to get me "sales" ready. With his help, I was able to land first, second and third interviews, until I could actually PICK the job I wanted. I can not recommend his services more.”