Why it's Important?

I am starting this blog to continue educating sales professionals on the topic of how to get a sales job. Understanding its importance can increase your earning potential as a sales rep.

Earning potential is the primary focus of sales reps everywhere. Let's face it - people get into sales to make a lot of money. There's nothing wrong with it. It's just a fact.

Once you become a sales rep, your goal is to put yourself in the best possible position to earn the most money. So how can you do this?

There are two optimal ways to increase your earning potential as a sales rep. I'll cover them both briefly and it should highlight why learning how to get a sales job is so important.


Sales reps primarily focus their time and development on sales process improvement. It is widely agreed upon that sales process improvement leads to more opportunities with prospects. More opportunities lead to more revenue, and more revenue leads to more commission. Everyone can agree that improving your sales process leads to more money in your pocket. There is no debate here.

Modern sales education focuses heavily on this topic because it's what reps care about most. They all care about increasing their potential to make more money. You don't have to look too hard to find information on sales process improvement. It's readily available in many formats. However, the other way that reps can increase their earning potential remains in the background and typically goes unnoticed.


Sales reps frequently change jobs throughout their career. It's a natural occurrence in sales and more common than in other industries. Why is it so common? Changing jobs is way in which sales rep's way can increase their earning potential. This is the main reason it occurs so often.

Reps switch jobs when they're looking for a better product to sell, a better territory, a new comp plan, a different quota, or sometimes even a new sales manager. Yes - there are times when reps are forced to look for a new sales job but more often than not, reps embark on a search for a new sales job in search of more opportunity. There are countless reasons why reps will search for a new sales job, but at the core, it's an attempt to put themselves in a better situation to earn more money.

Sales Education's Focus

When sales reps try to increase their earning potential, these two are two most common ways of achieving that goal. Improving your sales process and getting a new sales job are the two best ways to lead reps to more opportunities. More opportunities lead to more revenue... and... you get it. More Money! Improve how you do these two things and you will make more money!

If these are the two major way of improving your earning potential, why does sales education only focus on sales process improvement? Why is it so important to have a strong sales process but when it comes to looking for a new sales job, you can just wing it? Just rely on your network, right? Send a text to your buddy and ask if they're hiring. Wrong.

There should be more education focused on the strategy involved with getting a new sales job. I have developed a process which I call my Sales Job Application Process and just released an Amazon #1 Best Seller on the topic. My book outlines everything you need to know when searching for a new sales job and how it will help improve your bank account.

It's very common for sales reps to embark on their job search alone. Some do it secretly so their employers won't find out. Others do it alone because they are afraid to ask for help. But most reps search solo because there is really no educational material on this topic.

My goal is to educate you and others on the topic of how to get a sales job. It's important and can help you make more money.

If done effectively, you'll put yourself in a stronger position related to earning potential. After you land the job, you can then focus on improving your sales process. But you shouldn't do one without the other. You can... but focusing on both areas will ultimately lead you to more revenue... and more commission.

That's the goal, right?